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All About Our New Home: Frequently Asked Questions for La Petite Nursery Families!

As you might know by now La Petite Nursery is moving to a brand new location in September 2025! While it's bittersweet to say goodbye to our current space, we are excited to move to a bigger and better environment to continue providing exceptional care. We have put together a blog replying to your most frequent asked questions.

1. Why are we moving to a new location?

We were informed about the termination of our lease early summer of 2023. Our new location is in North Maida Vale, at 12 Cambridge Gardens, NW6 5AY which is a short walk from our current premises, offers improved facilities and a lovely outdoor area.The move is part of our plan to ensure continuity and enhance our service in a beautiful, listed building with modernised facilities.

2. What new facilities will the new location offer?

The new premises will feature spacious, light-filled rooms with high ceilings. In our new home, at 12 Cambridge Gardens, your child will enjoy:

  • Spacious, modern classrooms packed with stimulating toys and learning resources.

  • A dedicated outdoor playground with separate areas for different age groups, including a soft play zone for our youngest explorers.

  • A tranquil communal garden perfect for outdoor activities and nature exploration.

  • High-quality facilities designed to nurture creativity, play, and development.

3. How will the curriculum change with the new location?

Our enriched curriculum will remain consistent, drawing inspiration from Jewish culture while celebrating diverse global traditions. External clubs like yoga and music sessions will continue, ensuring that our children enjoy a seamless educational experience.

4. What are the security measures at the new location?

The nursery will employ state-of-the-art CCTV systems and dedicated security guards. High fences and secure gates will ensure privacy and safety for all children. We are committed to maintaining a secure environment as we transition to our new home. We'll share a dedicated blog detailing these measures soon.

5. What are the details of the transition plan?

We plan to move in August 2025. Our transition plan includes a phased approach to minimise disruption, featuring 'stay and play' sessions for children and parents to familiarise with the new setting before the move. Dates and times will be shared with you well in advance.

6. Will there be any changes to the fees?

We strive to maintain the highest quality of education and care. Any changes to fees will reflect inflation and staff salary raise adjustments and will be communicated well in advance as usual. The new renovations will won’t affect the fees, 

7. What about transportation and accessibility?

The new location is conveniently located with a tube station across the street and bus stops directly in front. We also plan to negotiate with the council to designate drop-off spaces to ease the daily commute, but this will need to be confirmed. 

8. Will staffing change with the move?

We plan to retain all our current staff members, ensuring continuity in care and education. The new location also provides improved facilities for our staff, including dedicated break rooms and better-equipped classrooms that would make their job easier. Our team is really excited with the new location as it is more convenient in terms of commute.

9. What can parents do if they have concerns or need more information?

Please feel free to contact Roxana Negru, our Business manager and Move coordinator  directly with any questions or concerns. Her contact details are:

We are here to support you through this transition and ensure it is as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

Stay Connected!

We'll keep you updated on the move with regular blog posts and photos. Feel free to check out our instagram story for weekly updates and photos on transformation and renovation of our new home.

We're confident that this move will allow La Petite Nursery to continue providing same exceptional care for your child in a stimulating and nurturing environment that you always knew.

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