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Summer Menu Transformation 

Introducing Naomi Szakacs A Nutritionist Expert assisting us with our Summer Menu

With spring and summer on the horizon, we are delighted to announce a wonderful collaboration with Naomi Szakacs, a remarkable nutritionist and health coach, that will help us to further enhance our little ones' eating experiences.

Lentil dhal, vegetable lasagna, spinach and ricotta cannelloni, and fish cakes are just a few favourite recipes for the children who attend La Petite Nursery. Veronica and Daniela, our chefs, carefully handpick fresh, high-quality ingredients to create balanced, nutritious and tasty meals.   

To enhance our menu, we are excited to announce that Naomi will be working alongside our chefs to transform our summer menu into a nutritionally balanced, in-season menu. We aim to create a wonderful and educational eating experience for our children.

A holistic nutrition approach to childhood nutrition 

Naomi has a holistic approach to creating delicious children-friendly menus. She understands the dietary challenges and preferences of all children within nursery and childminding settings. Naomi has vast experience within the early years setting and she works in line with early years guidelines. 

Having an in-depth knowledge of digestive health including allergies and intolerances, she has a unique focus and comprehensive knowledge of nutrition. She will be guiding our chefs and together, will help them craft our summer menu, focusing on balanced plate portions, eating seasonally, and creating variety, texture and flavour from every corner of the world.

Allergy awareness and inclusivity

La Petite Nursery is committed to offering a comprehensive eating experience to all children and we believe that every plate should be perfectly balanced and tasty regardless of allergies, religious beliefs or preferences. With Naomi’s expertise in allergies and intolerance, management and our chefs and teachers' practices, every parent can be reassured that their child's dietary requirements are acknowledged and respected. Noami will be supporting our chefs in creating delicious alternatives that are nutritionally balanced so no child is left feeling excluded or different.

Nurturing beyond nutrition 

Naomi’s focus is not solely on nutrition, but also on teaching and supporting an individual's well-being. Her particular approach aligns with La Petite Nursery's vision as we don’t only focus on providing healthy meals, but also providing access for our children to outdoor spaces, interaction with nature and edible gardens, yoga sessions and enhancing their emotional literacy.


Stay tuned as we reveal more exciting details of our summer menu and introduce you and our children to delightful culinary experiences prepared by Naomi and our chefs.


Naomi Szakacs DipNTgraduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2016. Since then, she has continued to work in areas such as allergies, intolerances, digestive, autoimmune, and hormonal-related conditions. Through the Digestive Workshop brand, she focuses on lifestyle, diet and incorporating health coaching towards positive outcomes for all her clients. Working with both adults and children, she looks at the many aspects of modern lifestyles when considering a client’s progress. Her holistic approach looks at the development of better eating and lifestyle habits for young children and adults, that fit well with the pressures and demands of modern living. Naomi works on nutrition for early years childcare as well as designing cooking activities for children to develop a healthy relationship with food. For children, this is essential to help their minds and bodies to grow strong. For adults, it often means addressing energy levels, getting quality sleep, and developing a greater sense of well-being.

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