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Our Classrooms


Dreamers and Explorers

The first year of life is probably the most important one: everything is about discovering, and exploring a completely new world. Our staff in this room is specifically trained to look after babies, and teachers are here to understand and respond to their basic needs (eat, sleep, being cuddled and reassured), while stimulating their curiosity of their little brains constantly making new connections



The Little Climbers start to be more independent; they start walking and eating by themselves. Our role here is to help them stimulate their five senses. It is also when, for the first time, they realise they are part of a group of other people. We also introduce new routines: the children learn how to sit properly at a table and learn to enjoy circle times.


Being an Adventurer, it is all about becoming independent for the first time.


Our mission here is to encourage the children to learn how to take care of themselves, and teach them how to wash their hands, unzip their coats, and so on. They usually become aware of their needs at this stage, and we help them with potty training.

They also discover their preferences in food, and we are here to encourage healthy eating. Our mission is to encourage social activities — from playing next to each other to playing together, they start creating relationships with other children. It is also the time when they develop their language; therefore, we foster story time and music sessions to help them build their vocabulary



The Leaders attending La Petite Nursery need to get ready for school. Our role here is to introduce the concept of problem solving in mathematics, literacy, IT… but always through play. Through fun activities, they then learn to read their names and recognise it on their bags, to dress and undress by themselves. They also start to make friends and are able to build strong relationships.

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