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Extracurricular Activities


Kabbalat Shabbat

The Kabbalat Shabbat is traditionally held before Friday night dinner. Traditionally we sing songs and welcome the Shabbat by lighting and blessing two candles, followed by blessing the wine and the challah. A festive meal is then served.

In the nursery, Shabbat is a very special moment that the children know well and love. We imitate the ceremony of “Kabbalat Shabbat” by singing “Boker Tov” (Good morning in Hebrew) and “There is a Dinosaur,” complete with Makaton signs.

We will light the candles, make wishes, bless and drink kiddush wine, and eat delicious challah bread that the children have baked themselves. We end the celebration with a little dance party before it is time to say goodbye. When invited into the nursery, please feel free to join in with the songs, blessings, and dancing.

At each Kabbalat Shabbat, we will pick two children: one Aba (daddy for Shabbat) and one Ima (mummy for Shabbat) who will help the teachers lead the ceremony. From the second term parents can join this special celebration.

Music Session

At La Petite Nursery, our approach to early education is infused with the joyous music from circle time to our weekly music sessions, which we believe is essential in nurturing young minds and hearts. Our Hebrew music lessons led by our external teacher Zahavi, whose love for music is as expansive as her repertoire, offer children a rich tapestry of cultural sounds and languages.

Her diverse playlist includes everything from the playful jazz to classical pieces, all while incorporating Hebrew nursery rhymes and songs.


Learning through music at our nursery is hands-on. Children get to shake a shaker, beat a drum, and immerse themselves in the physicality of producing sound, while being exposed to new sounds and words, absorbing the nuances of language within the melodies. We invite you to experience the harmony and rhythm of our nursery and enjoy glimpse into our music sessions.



Nurturing more than just young minds, La Petite Nursery's vegetable garden is a cornerstone of our extracurricular activities. Every week, our toddlers and preschoolers get their hands dirty in the best way possible—by connecting with the earth, planting seeds, and watching their efforts bloom.


This hands-on experience is not only a lesson in the cycles of nature but also a foundation for healthy eating habits as children learn to grow and taste their own produce.

The garden is more than a plot of land; it's a classroom without walls where life's most natural lessons unfold. As our little ones tend to the garden, they cultivate patience, responsibility, and an appreciation for the environment. These weekly classes are a testament to our commitment to holistic education—where growth is measured in plants and personal milestones alike.


As the gentle melodies of soothing tunes fill the air, our teacher sets the stage for a calming and nurturing environment where little ones can explore their body strength, emotions and breath.


With a focus on building balance, core strength, and emotional resilience, our yoga sessions offer a holistic approach to early childhood development. The journey begins with a warm welcome, as children gather on the mat, ready to embark on their yoga adventure. Through a series of playful poses, gentle stretches, and mindful breathing exercises, our teacher guides the children on a path of self-discovery and inner calm.


Props such as colourful scarves, soft cushions, and sensory toys add an element of fun and engagement, while books with inspiring stories help spark imagination and creativity. Each session is tailored to meet the needs and next steps of our children, ensuring that they feel supported and empowered every step of the way.


Cooking Sessions 

As children wash their hands and gather around the table, they eagerly anticipate the hands-on experience that awaits them. From mixing and kneading the dough to shaping it into traditional challah loaves, every step of the process is a delightful opportunity for sensory exploration. Children delight in the feel of the flour between their fingers, the smell of yeast as it activates, and the taste of the sweet dough as it bakes to golden perfection.

But our cooking sessions offer more than just a feast for the senses – they are also a rich learning experience. As children engage in measuring ingredients, they develop important maths skills, learning about concepts such as volume and counting.


Through conversation and interaction with their peers and teachers, they also expand their vocabulary, discovering new words and concepts related to cooking and baking. Moreover, these sessions foster a sense of belonging and teamwork among our children. By working together to create something special, they learn the value of collaboration, cooperation and shared achievement.

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