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Our Approach


Our Curriculum

All-year-round curriculum and full day care

La Petite Nursery’s all-year-round curriculum in Maida Vale is designed to engage children’s active minds and arouse their curiosity for meaning and understanding. Children are exposed to various experiences to support their inclination towards language, arts and science, mathematics, literacy and other areas of interests with meaningful moments of play and integrated activities.

Experienced teachers support your child

Each child is unique and has his/her own interest and strengths. La Petite Nursery supports children’s every day learning by building their knowledge one step at a time, bringing them closer to achieving their early years’ goals. Our qualified and experienced teachers act as mentors and facilitators, encouraging children to participate, explore, experience, think for themselves and find solutions.

Hands-on experiences

At La Petite Nursery, children learn through action — they need to see, hear, touch, feel and taste. By becoming actors of their experiences, children learn quickly and more efficiently.

Principles of Our Curriculum

1 . Relationships Are Key
At La Petite Nursery, we believe learning needs to start with confidence. Hence, the very first thing our staff will ensure is to establish a strong connection with your child. Our smooth settling-in process follows your child’s pace and the key person system that we have in place is meant to best support both you and your child.
Your child’s social and emotional development is a priority for us; we believe that nursery is a place for social interactions. This is the very first place where children interact with peers and we will, therefore, encourage your child to actively participate in all group activities.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Our curriculum follows the, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS),

which sets the learning goals for children from birth to five years old.

Within the EYFS, there are seven areas of development:



Communication and Language


Physical Development

social .png

Personal, Social and Emotional development








Understanding The World


Expressive Arts

The three prime areas reflect the main skills and abilities that children need to develop in order to build confidence and balance the learning towards more specific areas. We track the early goals, and regularly send you feedback on your child’s progress.

You can find further information on the Foundation Years website.

Parents’ involvement

Parents are the child’s first educators. Therefore, we are convinced that they need to be involved in their child’s education at nursery. We keep you constantly updated about your child’s progress and we set up regular discussions to give feedback and talk about the next steps together.

We regularly organise sessions for parents to join us in different activities (baking, story time, talent day, etc.). Please let us know if you want to join us for an activity, and we will arrange for you to spend time with your child in the nursery. We also celebrate Kabbalat Shabbat and other family events.

Birthdays are celebrated and made special for children who attend La Petite Nursery. Please get in touch with your child’s key person to find out more about our birthday parties!

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