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Our Premises


At La Petite Nursery are newly refurbished and contain four different classrooms for each age group (Explorers, Climbers, Adventurers, Leaders), as well as an arts studio. The studio allows children to explore with lights, sounds, creative materials (clay, paint, glue, etc.) and messy play (water, sand, etc.).

At La Petite Nursery, our classrooms are bright, small and cosy. The small number of children and well-planned teacher-child ratio :

  • Encourages cohesiveness and better interaction between children

  • Creates a peaceful and calm environment where children feel safe and loved

  • Allows more one-to-one time with the teacher and offers an individual approach to ensure that each child’s distinct needs are met

  • Ensures that each child’s voice is heard, and that shy children are supported to engage in activities

  • Ensures greater cognitive outcomes for the children



There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. Our outdoor premises are created so children can run, explore, climb, enjoy nature and develop their fine and gross motor skills. We also often bring the outdoors into the classroom, and take the classroom outdoors, so we can extend the scope of learning. We go outside every day, whatever the weather.

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